• Designed and implemented policies that open up economic opportunities and future potential for our farmers and agricultural lands with value-added marketing and wine and olive processing.  We now have nationally recognized award winning wines and olive oils from Contra Costa County.

Highlights 2014

  • Pesticide Safety Inspections. The Agriculture Department conducted 505 pesticide safety inspections in FY 2013/2014 on farms and pest control operations.  These inspections serve to protect agricultural workers, the general public and the environment from potential exposure to pesticides and pest control activities.  Ensuring compliance with state laws and regulations in the application of pesticides is a key function of our department.
  • Point of Sale Scanner Inspections. The Weights and Measures Division has the role of ensuring a fair and equitable marketplace for businesses and consumers.  The Point of Sale Scanner Inspection is a critical part of providing confidence to consumers paying for goods at the advertised price. The Division has over 600 Point of Sale Scanner inspections that are conducted annually.

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