Animal Services

Highlights 2015

  • Beth Ward hired as new Animal Services Director
  • The Animal Services Department responded to increasing feline housing standards by procuring new specialized stainless steel stackable rolling cat cages that provide more space for the cats and help prevent stress related diseases.
  • Thanks to a new mobile adoption vehicle with viewing areas, the department is transporting animals in a more comfortable environment, enhancing its exposure at weekly adoption events, and brining cats to mobile adoption events for the first time.

Highlights 2014

  • Implementation of Shelter Training Program. Developed and implemented a multi-tiered training program for shelter staff to enhance job performance and animal well-being by utilizing up to date training techniques. This 50 hour specialized training addressed all aspects of shelter care and maintenance as well as animal behavior and customer service.
  • Performed 6,000 Spay/Neuter Surgeries. The Department committed medical resources and performed approximately 6,000 spay and neuter surgeries in a continued effort to address pet overpopulation in Contra Costa County.
  • Identified Foster Homes for 1,000 Kittens
  • Approximately 1,000 underage kittens that were too young to be adopted were placed in foster homes through the Department’s Foster Program.   These kittens were cared for until they could sustain themselves and then were returned to the shelter when they were approximately eight weeks old for adoptive placement into caring homes

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