Employment and Human Services

Highlights 2015

  • Digital Divide. The Board passed a resolution allowing the Employment and Human Services Department to provide surplus personal computers to its low-income customers.  EHSD partnered with a nonprofit to refurbish the computers make them available. In addition, the nonprofit provides training and maintenance of the computers along with free or low cost Internet access to help low income families in Contra Costa County bridge the digital divide.  Approximately 600 computers are being refurbished and will be made available to low income families in the near future. 
  • Food Access.  Low income people with immediate family food needs have their CalFresh applications processed within three days in Contra Costa (vs 30 days for the standard application). 
  • Health Access. Successfully negotiated a contract extension with the State to remain the only County operated Covered California Call Center in the state.
  • Expanded Child Care. Received a $1.1 million federal grant to provide Early Head Start services to 72 infants and toddlers. This grant is unique in that CSB is partnering with the Childcare Council to provide these services in family childcare homes throughout the county.

Highlights 2012

  • Most of our Employees have agreed to an average wage reduction of 2.75% plus agreeing to assume 100% of the Employees share of pension costs. These reductions will save the County over $28 million in 2012/13 and will allow the County to achieve a structurally balance budget for 2012/13. (This means we will not have to use fund balance and do not anticipate any layoffs or further reductions in services to the public).
  • Many of the people who have retired (617 in 2011) will need to be replaced in order to continue to provide adequate services to the public. However, the goal is to be judicious in replacing only those positions that the County can afford, and that insure delivery of essential services to the public.