Public Safety


  •  Created the Vasco Road Safety Corridor and saving lives with lane dividing delineators, safety realignment and roadway widening.  This effort continues to be a work in progress.
  • Lead efforts to create an opportunity for a more viable and sustainable East Contra Costa Fire Protection District.

Highlights 2015

EMS Ambulance RFP:

  • Approved public-private partnership between ConFire and American Medical Response to provide EMS ambulance services to the majority of Contra Costa County.

Emergency Operations Plan Modernization:

  • The Board adopted a new and modernized Emergency Operations Plan for Contra Costa County to support and protect public safety should a major disaster occur in our region   

East Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

  • Leading efforts to secure detachment of Byron Bethany Irrigation District from portions of Discovery Bay to fund ECCFPD with ongoing annual revenue of $684,000 +/-
  • Participated in volunteer Task Force efforts with the cities of Brentwood and Oakley to provide interim general fund revenue for two years to support and enhance fire and medical response to District residents.

SB 863 Jail Construction Grant

  • Approved application for $80 million grant to construct the 416-bed West County Reentry Treatment and Housing Facility on the campus of the West County Detention Facility. However, the Grant was not approved by the State.

Highlights 2014

 Sheriff's Office

  • Community Service Officer Program. The Patrol Division Community Service Officer (CSO) program provides professional non-sworn field services to citizens who reside in unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County. This program was implemented in 2014 with five authorized positions with duties including crime prevention assistance, enforcing ordinances and infractions, writing reports, collecting evidence, offering non-emergency guidance and support, and performing supplemental patrol support duties for select crimes and calls.
  • Patrol Boats. In 2014, a Department of Homeland Security Port Security Grant Program award enabled the Sheriff’s Office to purchase three patrol vessels designed to enhance the security of the critical infrastructure within the Bay and Delta regions. These patrol vessels are equipped to support a variety of marine and ground operations dedicated to detect, deter and defeat any potential threats to public safety in collaboration with law enforcement, EMS, fire, military, and industry personnel.

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

  • 2014 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant. The District was awarded a two-year Federal grant in the amount of $9.6 million, which will enable the District to put three additional response units in the field – one engine company and two EMS squads. In 2014, the District conducted two fire academies and promoted 29 employees in an effort to staff at the increased level upon receiving the grant. A third fire academy is scheduled to begin in early 2015.
  • Light Duty Fleet Replacement Program. After years of difficult budget conditions, the District established a new light duty fleet replacement program that will replace aging command, investigation, inspection, and administration vehicles in a fast, efficient, and cost effective manner through a fleet leasing program. In 2015, the District will bring forward lease purchase proposals with similar comprehensive replacement plans for fire engines and ladder trucks.
  • Updates to Fire Dispatch Center. In 2014, the District updated the Contra Costa County Regional Fire Communications Center with hardware and technology infrastructure, including the deployment of the “NextGen 911” system.

Crockett-Carquinez Fire Protection District

  • Pumper Truck Acquisition. In July 2014, the District, with the assistance of the Public Works Department, entered into an agreement with Pierce Manufacturing to replace a 35 year old pumper truck. This $500k apparatus purchase is significant for the District and will serve the citizens of the District for many years to come.

District Attorney

  • Reduction of Violent Crime in West County. The District Attorney’s Office worked collaboratively with the Richmond Police Department, the Sheriff’s Office, and the Probation Department to help reduce the homicide rate in the city of Richmond to a 30 year low.  The District Attorney worked together with our law enforcement partners in innovative ways, such as obtaining court orders for cellphone wiretaps , in order to prevent shootings.  The District Attorney’s Office also continued to help spearhead the innovative crime prevention program Ceasefire, which has dramatically reduced overall violence in West Contra Costa County.
  • Truancy Reductions Efforts. The District Attorney’s Office continued its work in reducing chronic absenteeism in the county.  In a partnership with the County Office of Education, school districts have been encouraged to track attendance patterns and to address chronic absenteeism.  By highlighting this issue throughout the county, we hope to increase graduation rates, thereby reducing crime and its corrosive effects. In addition, a deputy district attorney has addressed school classes and assemblies throughout the county on issues such as bullying.


  • High Functioning Criminal Justice Systems Designation. The Probation Department was contacted by The Justice-Management Institute (JMI) and notified that Contra Costa County was one of only eight jurisdictions in the nation included in their evaluation of what they have determined to be “High Functioning Criminal Justice Systems.” This designation was determined by several methods but one of the major factors was the report completed in January of 2014 that focused on our work in Probation and the adjustments made with the introduction of Realignment – AB 109. We are the only county in California selected and it is yet another sign that we are a leading justice system and that Probation has played an essential role.
  • Pretrial Services Program. In March 2014, the Probation Department, Superior Court, District Attorney, Public Defender and Sheriff’s Office launched an evidenced based collaborative effort for Pretrial reform. The Pretrial Services program utilizes a validated risk assessment tool to provide assessments and Court ordered supervision for defendants pending trial in Contra Costa County. This has resulted in better information as to a defendants probability to reoffend and likeliness to appear at a future court hearing if released from county jail.

Public Defender

  • Successful launch of Pretrial Services Program. The Public Defender’s Office was instrumental in securing funding for, then helping to design and implement, a groundbreaking Pretrial Services program. This program was the result of a collaborative effort between many different stakeholders, and is gaining the attention of other counties across the state as a best-practices model. So far the high success rates of persons released from custody to the program show that the program is having a significant positive impact.
  • Immigration support. Many of our clients are non-citizen immigrants. The collateral immigration consequences of even minor criminal charges on immigrants and their families can be very serious. The Supreme Court has mandated that defense attorneys have a duty to understand these collateral consequences and give appropriate advice to non-citizen clients. To this end, the Public Defender has added a part-time immigration attorney to our staff. The department is also working with the District Attorney’s Office to develop appropriate protocols for the resolution of cases for non-citizen clients.
  • Juvenile Justice Advocacy. The Public Defender’s Office has secured outside grant funding to provide expanded services to juvenile clients when they are released from juvenile detention. This pilot program provides funding for a Community Advocate who provides educational advocacy for juvenile probationers in West County.

Highlights 2013

  • Established an Office of AB 109 Programs pursuant to the FY 2012-13 Public Safety Realignment budget, which has taken a lead role in implementing public safety realignment within Contra Costa County. This effort has included establishing “Community Programs,” providing resources to community-based providers of employment, housing and mentoring services for the reentry population, developing a Reentry Resource Guide, and contracting for data collection and program evaluation services for the County’s AB 109 program.
  • We are nearing completion of the process to plan for the development of a Reentry Resource Center in West County and a reentry network for Central and East County.  The planning processes will be concluded by February, and we anticipate implementing the plans in early spring of 2014.

East Bay Regional Communications System

  • EBRCS was substantially implemented in Contra Costa County.  Only Antioch and Brentwood PDs are not on it yet due to lack of funding.

Affordable Care Act (ACA)

  • Contra Costa County opened its call center operation over the summer, well ahead of the October 1 kickoff for Affordable Care Act enrollment
  • Contra Costa Health Plan was approved as one of twelve health care plans statewide selected by Covered California to provide health care services under the Affordable Care Act.  541,000 calls to covered California; with  91,000 of those were handled by the Concord location during October and November, with an  Average call taking 18 minutes
  • The center employs 124 customer service agents and 11 supervisors who assist California residents by phone Monday through Saturday. The call center positions drew more than 5,000 applicants from the region, resulting in a rich employment pool and a very strong, dedicated team. 
  • Wait times for an agent have steadily declined, with the average time on hold now under 4 minutes.  The average amount of time spent on a call is 18 minutes, but the range varies significantly depending upon whether or not the consumer is just getting initial information or is ready to enroll.
  • The call center operates Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m., and from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays, with clerical support, staff development and quality assurance staff onsite in addition to the agents and supervisors.
  • DoIT/Telecom played a small but crucial part in the Bates Call Center Project.  The project required DOIT/Telecom to complete critical tasks in a condensed two- month timeframe and with a high consequence of error.

Highlights 2012

  • The Board of Supervisors goal for 2012/13 is to adequately fund Public Safety Departments with increased funding and additional staffing for both the Sheriff and the District Attorneys’ Offices. The additional staffing will be made possible by increased Realignment Revenues, increased Prop 172 Sales Tax Revenues, and labor concessions.
  • The State’s Realignment of Public Safety Programs will result in significant increase in prisoners assigned to County Probation and County Facilities, without adequate corresponding funding from the State. Preliminary discussions by the CCP would indicate that the anticipated impacts from the transfer of prisoners from the State to the County are likely to significantly exceed the amount of funds we will receive for reimbursement
  • ConFire – Fire District continues to struggle due to reduced property tax revenue. The District is proposing to go out for a parcel tax at the November 2012 Election to fund operations. Without new revenue the District will have to look at closure of some Fire Stations.
  • East Bay Regional Communications System (EBRCS) – After years of effort the Regional Communications System will come on line early in 2013 achieving the County Board’s goal of a fully operational communications system that will allow all public safety entities to talk to each other during an earthquake, flood, or any other county wide emergency.

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