Vasco Road Improvements

We continue to seek approximately $15 million to construct the "shelf ready" Vasco Road Safety Project - Phase 2, but have been unsuccessful to date.  We have applied for a TIGER grant from the federal government at least 3 times and have been unsuccessful.

Vasco Road improvements made to date:

  •  Resurfaced roadway starting from just south of Walnut Boulevard to south of Camino Diablo and reinstalled safety rumble strips and new reflective striping (September 2015)
  • Replaced damaged centerline delineators as part of our on-going routine maintenance of the delineators (August 2015)
  • Constructed median concrete barrier for 1 mile near Brushy Creek area, $8.5 million contract (2012)
  •  Continue to seek funding for our "shelf-ready" Vasco Road Safety Project - Phase 2 to install an additional 1.5 miles of concrete median barrier at a cost of approximately $15 million (TBD)
  •  Diablo (September 2005)
  • Safety Corridor Signs installed January 2005
  • Median and shoulder rumble strip completed with vertical delineators in the median for one-mile test section (October 2004)
  • Shoulder grading to remove sight distance obstruction (February 2004)
  • Active Feedback Speed Signage Installed (April 2004)
  •  Intersection improvements at Camino Diablo completed (April 2004)
  • Daytime Headlight Zone Created and Signed (October 2003)
  •  A total of 1200 (150 in Alameda County) additional vertical delineators placed in the median, for a length of 12.4 miles, except near Camino Diablo
  •  Signing and Striping added for aerial enforcement at the request of the CHP from Walnut Boulevard to County line (August 2003)
  • Double yellow no passing zones added at various locations (August 2003)

We perform traffic safety investigations when we receive complaints, or if a collision occurs to determine what changes, if any can be made.  We review data from multiple years of collision history to look for spot locations that may need investigation and also to determine any systemic safety issues, such as speeding, etc. and determine if any improvements are necessary.