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  • My Delta advocacy has been very personal to me.  My father, the late State Senator John A. Nejedly, is well known for his leadership fighting against then Gov. Jerry Brown and his Peripheral Canal in 1980-1982 and I have found myself fighting against the 21st century version known as the "Twin Tunnels" and the same/new Gov. Jerry Brown.
  • Lead the creation of the Delta County Coalition (DCC) to protect Delta Counties against state and federal politics that protect south Delta water exporters over in-Delta interests.  I knew from my dad's fight against the Peripheral Canal that the Delta Counties needed to stand strong together in order to be effective.  And we have.
  • Fought for Delta solutions that protect and enhance our Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta from further degradation, environmental harm and advocated for affordable and reasonable solutions that actually create water for all Californians.
  • Sought and achieved in the 2009 Delta Reform Act a stronger Delta Protection Commission, creation of the Delta Conservancy and a seat on the newly formed Delta Stewardship Council for a Delta County Supervisor.
  • Created the "No Tow Zone" for Delta waterway safety.  While this was considered controversial by a few, it has made an enormous impact on saving lives and raising awareness in a very dangerous and congested area of the Delta. 
  • Lead the successful efforts for greater funding and treatment to fight invasive aquatic weeds in the Delta (egeria dense, water hyacinth, etc.).

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